The Pride Institute, a long recognized leader of practice management consulting and training services across multiple dental specialties, has announced the formation and launch of its newly created Orthodontic Consulting Division. Pride’s new Orthodontic Division will focus exclusively on the Orthodontic specialty providing orthodontists with customized tools and skill development to support the improvement and growth of their practices.

“As an orthodontist myself, I was very excited when I joined Pride, because I immediately saw the opportunity to extend this program to the orthodontist and that was very powerful,” said Dr. Lou Shuman, the President of Pride Institute. Dr. Shuman was a practicing orthodontist for 18 years and previously served as Vice President of Clinical Education and Strategic Relations at Align Technology for seven years prior to becoming President of Pride. Dr. Shuman and CEO, Amy Morgan have spent the last nine months developing a strategy that leverages Pride’s 35 years of proven, foundational content. The result is a new Orthodontic Division that provides customized practice management solutions tailored to the orthodontic market. “We surveyed countless orthodontists and General Practitioners (GPs) and conducted beta tests to make certain these products and programs address the primary needs of this unique specialty,” said Pride CEO, Amy Morgan.

Pride is well known for their success in full master track programs in the dental market. GP’s consistently come back to Pride, realizing the value these programs provide them. “In today’s market we saw a real opportunity to compartmentalize some of our solutions allowing greater access to the market,” said Dr. Shuman. Pride now has a continuum of solutions, from Sudden Impact Assessments, to Full Intensive Diagnostics. The suite of programs are focused on leadership, enhancing orthodontist’s ability to manage systems and practices, expanding their knowledge of branding and utilizing social media and online strategies while simultaneously maximizing referral relationships with GPs.

In addition to specialized programs, Pride has created customized modules for orthodontists and their teams that takes Pride Institute’s decades of tried and true comprehensive expertise and consulting – and combines them into usable, on-the-spot training activities and resources to grow productivity.

“Pride Institute is expanding services as a commitment to their clients in all facets that impact their practice allowing them to provide quality patient care and to improve their business so their practice thrives in all areas,” said Amy Morgan.


ABOUT Pride Institute
Under the guidance of Dr. Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS President and Amy Morgan, CEO, and a team of the very best professionals, Pride Institute, located in Northern California, utilizes a foundation of 35 years of extensive benchmarks, research, and content development combined with leading edge expertise in modern management methods that include new marketing and technology education and integration.

Pride Institute offers customized practice management solutions from simple to complex in: leadership, team communication, strategic planning, technology integration, operational systems, patient management and marketing – for all dental and specialty practices who want to fulfill their vision and achieve new levels of success.

For more information contact: Marene Harof, Marketing and Operations Manager, 800-925-2600 or via email at

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