SomnoMed leading dental technology innovation

One company that never fails to impress in the field of dental technology is SomnoMed. They are a true industry leader when it comes to creating innovative treatment solutions for sleep-related breathing disorders, sleep bruxism, snoring, and sleep apnea.

For example, their SomnoMed MATRx system has created huge leaps in assisting sleep laboratories with their study sessions. The MATRx allows the laboratory to avoid the disruption of a patient’s sleep as it predicts his or her target protrusive position from the control room.

SomnoMed MATRx

Earlier this year I was honored to speak at SomnoMed’s Client Appreciation Dinner, which was held at Harvard Club of Boston. Over 250 physicians, dentists, and sleep providers attended, all of whom benefited from the clinical research and high manufacturing standards of the company.

I’m continually impressed by the work SomnoMed produces thanks to their great leadership and forward-thinking approach to development.

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