About Dr. Lou Shuman

Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS

Dr. Shuman is the President of Pride Institute, a renowned practice management institute and is personally known for his expertise in internet strategy, strategic relations, emerging technologies, digital marketing methods, and operational practice management. Dr. Shuman serves as a leading authority in the dental and medical industry with leading manufacturers. He is a member of the Key Opinion Leader Board at DENTSPLY GAC, a personal executive consultant to DENTSPLY GAC, and a member of the DENTSPLY Technology Committee. He is the Chairman of the Sesame Communications Technology Advisory Board and a member of the Clinical Advisory Boards and Editorial Boards at Dentistry Today, Dental Products Report, Dental Practice Report, The Progressive Dentist, Seattle Sleep Education LLC, Orthodontic Practice US, and The Progressive Orthodontist. He is the only dentist who has been selected both as a “Top CE Leader in Dentistry” and a “Leader in Dental Consulting” by Dentistry Today magazine.

Dr. Shuman is the creator of the prestigious Pride “Best of Class” Awards, an unbiased nonprofit initiative that in conjunction with the leading technology experts in the field, selects annually the most important technologies in the industry. The impact of the integrity of the initiative has resulted in an innovative first time ever cooperation between the major journals, Dental Products Report, Dental Economics, ADA News, Dental Practice Report, Dr. BiCuspid, Implant Practice US, Orthodontic Practice US, Endodontic Practice US, The Progressive Dentist, and The Progressive Orthodontist. With the ADA all are providing education, awareness, and presentation of the winning technologies culminating each year at the ADA Annual Session at the ADA Pride Institute Technology Expo.

Prior to becoming President of Pride Institute, Dr. Shuman served as Vice President of Clinical Education and Strategic Relations at Align Technology for seven years. During that time he was responsible for the clinical creation of Orthodontic and GP clinical programs, was the professional and clinical lead on multiple concept development projects, including the creation of Vivera retainers, and integrated the Invisalign technique into orthodontic and dental school curriculums throughout North America including NYU, Harvard University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and the University of Texas at San Antonio, as well as into associations, institutes, and organizations including the ADA, AGD, The Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, The Pankey Institute, and The Dawson Center for Advanced Studies.

Dr. Shuman is recognized as an outstanding speaker and educator and has lectured extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan, including every major meeting in the US. He has been selected for eleven years in a row as “One of the Top CE Leaders in Dentistry” in Dentistry Today magazine. As a guest lecturer at Gordon Christensen’s LDS Annual Meeting he was cited as “one of the most influential dentists in the country today.”

Dr. Shuman has written articles and whitepapers in every major dental publication, including Dentistry Today, Dental Economics, The Progressive Orthodontist, Orthodontic Practice US, Dental Products Report, and Inside Dentistry to name a few.

As a former founder of rdental.com he created for the internet, the state of the art Enhanced Educational Interface (EEI) engine. This innovative first in class educational platform provided the backdrop to providing online education exclusively for industry leading prestigious educators including the ADA, AGD, Dr. Gordon Christensen, Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. Vince Kokich, Dr. Pete Dawson, and Dr. Stan Malamed, among many others.

He is the past owner of a 10-doctor private group practice where he specialized in Adult Orthodontics. He received his DMD degree and his Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in Orthodontics from the Henry M. Goldman Boston University School of Dental Medicine. Giving back to the community, Dr. Shuman recreated the mission of the Walt Disney 25th Anniversary Tour at its Boston venue. He single handedly implemented a two day extravaganza for the underprivileged and hospitalized youth community in New England that eventually resulted in him receiving Walt Disney’s most prestigious honor for “creating a new direction of purpose for their company.”

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